In the Czech Republic closed the case about the threat of poisoning politicians with ricin from Russia

security Service and information (counterintelligence) of the Czech Republic officially closed the case about the threat of poisoning three of Prague’s municipal politicians poison ricin, which allegedly brought to Prague the Russian diplomat. This story was invented.

“It was a case in which it is hard to believe, but nevertheless, what happened in reality that caused various guesses, speculation, conspiracy theories and [inflame] passions”, — stated in the message Department, excerpts of which leads TASS.

the Czech counter-intelligence said that they had received an anonymous email which said that the Russian diplomat had delivered in Prague ricin. Then this information came out in the local media, but not the fault of the intelligence agencies, said there. This fact has significantly hampered the investigation of the case, however, we managed to complete it in the shortest possible time. The information in the letter was false, puts the security Service and information of the Czech Republic.

June 5, the Russian Embassy in Prague has received from the Czech Ministry of foreign Affairs the note with the notification of expulsion from the Republic of two employees of the Russian diplomatic mission. They left the country on 7 June. The Prime Minister of the Czech Republic Andrew Babish said on this occasion that one of the employees of the Russian Embassy was deliberately sent to the counter-intelligence false information about the planned poisoning of politicians. Babish later admitted that the story was invented. The Russian foreign Ministry, commenting on the expulsion of Russian diplomats, said that the actions of Prague will get an adequate response.