In view of an imminent stop in the supply of Russian gas to Europe, politicians are already working on scenarios to compensate for this. Measures related to hot water are being considered for Hamburg.

Hamburg’s environment senator Jens Kerstan (Greens) does not rule out a limitation of hot water for private households in the event of a gas emergency in the Hanseatic city.

“In an acute gas shortage, warm water could only be made available at certain times of the day in an emergency,” Kerstan told the “Welt am Sonntag”. A general reduction of the maximum room temperature in the district heating network could also be considered. For technical reasons alone, it will not be possible everywhere in Hamburg to distinguish between commercial and private customers in the event of a gas shortage, he told the newspaper.

Kerstan explained that a possible temporary LNG terminal in the port of Hamburg could not be operational until next May at the earliest. “In the course of July we will know whether and at which location a temporary LNG terminal in Hamburg is feasible.” The gas could probably be handled there from May 2023. The full results of the site reviews would be available in October, Kerstan said.