In the Federation Council proposed to enshrine in law the concept of

In the upper house of the Russian Parliament has proposed to legislate the concept of “self-isolation”, to determine the order of the introduction of such a regime and the powers of the regions in this area. The relevant initiative was put forward by the Federation Council Committee on constitutional legislation.

First Deputy Chairman of the Committee Irina Rukavishnikova explained that you need to set the “rules of the game” if in the future I will have to take measures similar to those it took during the outbreak of coronavirus.

“In connection with the pandemic and all measures are taken, that is, with wheels, questions of self-isolation of citizens in our legislation is not registered. To go through the whole usual process of lawmaking in these circumstances was to risk life and limb of a huge number of Russians, – quotes the Senator RIA Novosti. All this was done for the first time, but from such situations, we, unfortunately, are not immune”.

Specifies that the provisions of isolation may be supplemented by the law “On protection of population and territories from emergency situations of natural and technogenic character”.

According to on may 21 that Russia has experienced almost 309 thousand cases of infection with coronavirus. However, daily gains of incidence is reduced. For the first time since the epidemic began COVID-19 the number of those who recovered for a day, exceeded the number of cases.

on may 20, speaking at the government hour in the Federation Council, Vice-Premier of the Russian Federation Tatyana Golikova reported on the preparation of the national plan for exit from the crisis with the coronavirus. According to her, soon 17 Russian regions will be able to go on phased removal of restrictions imposed over COVID-19.