special Envoy to Cottbus, Jüterbog and Dresden

Every Wednesday from 89 weeks, they gather at the foot of the chancellery, in Berlin. This evening, they are thirty to strive conscientiously their banner in the colors of the Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) in front of small projectors that play with the light. The far-right party has made its entry a year ago in the Bundestag on the other side of the vast esplanade, but its supporters still prefer to protest in the street. “Merkel muss weg!”, howl-they. “Merkel must go”, we read on the sign that denounces “the chancellor dictatrice”. At night, the few pedestrians that pass in front of the building hurry without listening to the happening of the activists irreducible. Regardless, one of them is filming the event which will be broadcast on the social networks.

“Is that she is crazy that one up there?”, rebels Frank Wiese still shouting to the crowd as if it were a crowd. The organizer of the …

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