In the United States called for immediate sanctions against Russia for

Washington should immediately impose sanctions against Russia because of the information about the alleged Moscow’s involvement in attacks on American troops in Afghanistan. This was stated by the speaker of the house of representatives, Nancy Pelosi.

“We must impose sanctions against Russia and to do it immediately,” said Pelosi in an interview with MSNBC. She recalled that the US President should protect the soldiers of the country and accused Donald trump in the neglect of his duty as head of state, reports “Interfax”.

the Next portion of letters (ostensibly Russia encouraged the Taliban to attack troops of the international coalition in Afghanistan) shared The New York Times, although in addition to the words of some sources not presented any evidence.

the U.S. defense Secretary said the Pentagon there is no evidence of a newspaper article. Trump says: exploration of it, nothing similar was reported.

“History of the Russian reward — another concocted false news. She was told only to hurt me and the Republican party. Secret source probably does not exist, as this very story. If discredited by the newspaper the New York Times has a source, let him reveal it. Another deception!” — said trump.

But the head of the house Committee on intelligence, Adam Schiff stated that we should consider what sanctions are appropriate to further deter “malicious activities”.

Commented on this tabloid crap and the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Russia. It noted that the intellectual level of propagandists from the American intelligence does not allow you to come up with something better than such nonsense. Except for simple stuffing, said Russian diplomats, it is unlikely that we can expect from intelligence, which failed miserably twenty years of war in Afghanistan.

American taxpayers should pay attention to Rthe work of the American intelligence. You can still remember a lot of things said in the foreign Ministry, in addition to involvement in the drug trade, payments to fighters for the passage of transport caravans and kickbacks from contracts for execution of various projects.