In the United States will soon announce a new date for the meeting of representatives of Serbia and Kosovo

In the U.S. will soon announce a new date for the meeting of representatives of Serbia and Kosovo. Negotiations between Belgrade and Pristina had to go this Saturday in Washington, but the head of the Kosovo government has said it will not come to them.

He said this after spectaculator in the Hague has charged President of the unrecognized Republic of Kosovo Hashim Thaci and former speaker of the Parliament of war crimes charges. according to TV channel “Russia 24”.

Meanwhile, the authorities of Serbia and skeptical about the prospects of negotiations and the possibility of punishment of Kosovo politicians.

“Hashim Thaci is a war criminal and the whole world knows it, — said Alexander Seselj, the Vice-President of the Serbian radical party. – But we can’t expect justice in an International court. Ramush Haradinaj, the former Prime Minister of Kosovo, was personally involved in many crimes and was released by the Hague Tribunal…”.

the indictment of President Hashim Thaci and the leader of the democratic party of Kosovo Kadri Veseli will be charged on ten counts of murder, disappearances, harassment, torture, war crimes, crimes against humanity.

Hashim Thaci was born in the village Brakna, which is considered the cradle of Albanian terrorism. The youth spent gang that was involved in selling drugs, stealing cars, assassinations. In 1993 he participated in the bombing of the Serb police near the town of Glogovac. Then became the right hand of the head of the “Kosovo liberation Army”, which account for about two thousand armed attacks on police and residents. In 1995 Thaci met with Osama bin Laden, was behind the creation of torture camps on the territory of the Serb enclave, engaged in ethnic cleansing in the province. 560 people of different nationalities are still missing.

Hashim Thaci launched a business selling human organs. To gather evidence of his actions is tried, the Prosecutor of UN international Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia Carla El Ponte. According to her, the patron Thaci was a former Director of the CIA George tenet, the Albanian, who rudely advised Del Ponte not to go into these things.