Amazon Web Services (AWS) is set to launch a new AWS Region in Taiwan by early 2025. The AWS Asia Pacific (Taipei) Region will feature three Availability Zones, catering to the needs of customers in Taiwan who require local data storage and workload running capabilities.

Each Availability Zone within the Region will be geographically separate from the others, offering proximity for low-latency applications while ensuring business continuity by minimizing the impact of any localized events. These Zones will be interconnected through high-bandwidth, low-latency connections, facilitating synchronous replication for redundancy and availability.

In addition to Taiwan, AWS is also working on expanding its infrastructure in Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Thailand, and the AWS European Sovereign Cloud. With a global network of 105 Availability Zones across 33 Regions, AWS is committed to providing reliable and secure cloud services to customers worldwide.

AWS has a strong presence in Taiwan, with dedicated teams and infrastructure supporting customers and partners in the region for over a decade. Services like Amazon CloudFront and AWS Direct Connect offer seamless access to the global AWS network, enabling local businesses to leverage cloud technology with ease.

Moreover, AWS is actively investing in the development of technical skills among students and professionals in Taiwan through initiatives like AWS Academy and AWS Educate. By offering training and resources, AWS aims to empower the next generation of IT leaders in the region.

Customers in Taiwan are already embracing AWS services to drive innovation in various industries. Companies like Chunghwa Telecom, Gamania Group, and KKCompany Technologies are leveraging AWS solutions to enhance their operations, reduce time-to-market, and deliver cutting-edge products and services to their customers.

The upcoming AWS Region in Taiwan will further enable local businesses to leverage advanced technologies like generative AI, IoT, and mobile services to accelerate their digital transformation journey. With lower latency and enhanced data security, customers can expect improved performance and reliability for their workloads and applications.

As AWS continues to expand its global infrastructure, customers in Taiwan can look forward to more opportunities for growth and innovation in the cloud. Stay tuned for further updates on the launch of the new AWS Region and its impact on the local tech ecosystem.