At the heart of a reorganization controversy and criticized by the president of the Republic Beji Caid Essebsi, René Trabelsi, a new minister of Tourism, is one of the most public figures challenged. During the vote of confidence held on Monday evening at the Assembly, it has been of those who have received the most votes against him (25). A jewish resident of France and is accused of a conflict of interest: the arguments of his opponents are not lacking.

the Sons of Perez Trabelsi, the head of the jewish community of Djerba, René Trabelsi is an essential personality of this region in the South of tunisia. The fifty-year-old became the third tunisian minister of the jewish faith, and the first since the end of the 1950s when the jewish community, estimated at 2,000 Tunisians, has steadily decreased. The Story (creation of Israel, Six Day war in 1967…) and the economic problems have pushed the Jews tunisians to leave the country. René Trabelsi has also followed this path …

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