In Washington called the

the White house issued a statement in which the publication of the New York Times about Russia’s ties with the Taliban are called “sloppy”. Data in the publication, have neither trump, nor Pence, says the paper.

Press Secretary of the administration of the tramp Kaylee Makineni told US intelligence that daily sends thousands of messages, and they all pass strict inspection. Usually the White house does not comment on intelligence reports or internal discussions, however, that Moscow allegedly offered to the Taliban to “hunt” for the U.S. military in Afghanistan, was not notified nor trump, nor Pence, said Makineni. It speaks of “carelessness the history of the New York Times” reports RIA Novosti.

In the New York Times had previously reported that military intelligence of the Russian Federation allegedly offered to reward the Taliban for attacking American soldiers in Afghanistan. The publication is not accompanied by any evidence.

the Embassy of the Russian Federation publication called the fake and shoddy propaganda. Besides lie of the publication has led to what diplomats were threatened. The Russian foreign Ministry suggested that the US is not like Moscow’s attempts to reconcile the Afghan authorities and the Taliban, which, in particular, can reduce the revenue from drug trafficking.

In the “Taliban” (banned in Russia) called the NYT article “surge” and noted that it is necessary, among other things in order to disrupt the withdrawal of us troops from Afghanistan.