It was another of his many roles, now it’s one of his last. Ray Liotta can be seen in “In with the Devil” starting July 8th.

On July 8th, the crime miniseries “In with the Devil” starts on Apple TV worldwide. The series, originally entitled “Black Bird”, shows Ray Liotta (1954-2022) in one of his last roles. From Friday, Apple will be showing the first two of a total of six episodes. The series is based on a true story written about by James Keene in In With The Devil: A Fallen Hero, A Serial Killer, and A Dangerous Bargain for Redemption.

What is “In With the Devil” about?

Keene, played by Taron Egerton (32), is a former high school football player and the son of police officer “Big Jim” (Liotta). He is sentenced to ten years in prison and has to make a decision: will he serve his entire sentence or will he investigate suspected serial killer Larry Hall (Paul Walter Hauser, 35) in a high-security prison? Keene chooses the second option and has to find out where the bodies of several young girls were buried. However, it is not clear whether Hall is lying – or perhaps telling the truth.

In addition to Egerton, Liotta and Hauser, Greg Kinnear (59) and Sepideh Moafi (36) can be seen in “In with the Devil”. The miniseries was developed by Dennis Lehane (56).

Liotta “could also have read the phone book”

Liotta was no longer able to appear at the premiere of his new Apple TV series in Los Angeles. Instead, his daughter, Karsen Liotta (23), and his fiancee, Jacy Nittolo (47), were there. His colleagues present have fond memories of the deceased, as they confirmed during the premiere.

Kinnear did not film any scenes with Liotta, but met him several times on the set, as he told the industry magazine “Variety”. The deceased was “a great actor and a great person”. Liotta “could have read the phone book and I would have said he was great” in the miniseries. Kinnear truly believes his colleague delivered an “extraordinary performance” on “In with the Devil.”

Lehane said he wrote the role in the screenplay for Liotta. It was one of his dreams to work with him. “We developed a very, very, very close bond and I had a very special time filming those scenes,” Egerton told Entertainment Weekly.

What roles did Liotta play before his death?

Liotta, the “Goodfellas” star with the striking blue eyes, died unexpectedly in his sleep in May at the age of 67 while he was in the Dominican Republic for the filming of the film “Dangerous Waters”. Shortly after his death, Variety reported that it wasn’t clear where the production was at before Liotta’s death. It is not yet certain whether the film will continue to appear regularly. In addition, it has not been clarified how Liotta’s other projects “The Substance” and “El Tonto” are doing.

The thriller “Cocaine Bear” by Elizabeth Banks (48), on the other hand, is expected to be released as planned. The work on the film, in which Liotta, O’Shea Jackson Jr. (31) and Keri Russell (46) also play, had already been completed at the time of his death. The theatrical release is currently expected for early 2023.