At the penultimate flight in Indonesia crashed, the airline company Lion Air, there were apparently difficulties with the instrument display in the Cockpit. The data on flight height and speed had been in error, reported the BBC. After the crash on Monday, all 189 passengers have been declared dead.

The chief Executive of Lion Air, Edward Sirait, confirmed that there had been such difficulties. This had, however, been until the next day solved. “Let the investigation wait and see,” said Sirait. The Indonesian air transport supervision KNKT has taken after the crash investigation.

“airspeed unreliable and does not match the end height after the Start of the voting”, was quoted by the BBC from an internal report. The instruments of the pilot and the co-pilot would have displayed different data. According to the accident researchers website Aviation Safety, there was the flight on Monday similar problems.

plane crash in Indonesia – rescue teams search for the black box divers, several helicopters and 15 rescue ships searching for the black box to the front of the island of Java the crashed aircraft. Probably all of the 189 passengers died. © Photo: Ulet Ifansasti/

on Tuesday night Rescue workers continued to search for the dead. In addition to ten bodies, also, the body had been found in parts, informed by the competent authority. The forces have practically no hope to find Survivors. Many survivors were by Lion Air to Jakarta flew in.

search with underwater robot

specialists were looking for the bottom of the sea after wreckage of the aircraft. Continued, at the suspected crash site diving robot. You have found the individual pieces of wreckage, the exact Position of the aircraft fuselage was not yet known, said Made Oka, a spokesman for the rescue authority.

President Joko Widodo did not want to comment first of all on the possible responsibility of the airline. “Now we focus to find the plane’s fuselage and the victims,” he said on Monday evening. About possible action against Lion Air should not be spoken at this time. Widodo also rejected speculation about the cause of the crash. Once the flight recorders are found and analyzed, could be continued the discussion.

The machine was only toppled a few minutes after the Start in the capital city of Jakarta on their way to Pangkal Pinang, on the neighboring island of Bangka into the sea. The Pilot had reported an emergency and tried to reverse. Shortly after that, the contact broke off. The weather conditions were at the start time as well. The plane was in mid-August in operation and had only 800 hours of flight time.