Whether for a picnic, hiking, on the beach or when travelling: a few snacks and cool drinks are a must for longer trips. To keep them fresh (and edible) for as long as possible, a small cool bag is the ideal companion for on the go.

In the warm summer months, but also on mild autumn days, food that perishes quickly does not keep very long without refrigeration. This applies in particular to fresh meat and sausage products, but also to cheese. For day trips and during long car journeys, it is therefore advisable to keep all food and drinks in a cool bag so that they stay fresh for longer. Small models are particularly practical here because they take up less space and are therefore easier to transport. In the car, on the bike or on foot. In the following we will introduce you to five small cooler bags from different manufacturers in more detail.

Cooler bag: small

1. Reisenthel coolerbag XS

The company is known for its extensive range of shopping baskets and bags. But what many people don’t know is that Reisenthel also offers so-called cooler bags in various sizes and colours. The XS variant (also suitable for the Carrybag XS) holds just four liters and is therefore ideal for one person. It offers enough space for a snack and a drink. Thanks to the thermal inner lining and tight-fitting lid, the contents should stay cool.2. Thermos cooler bag Radiance small

This small cooler bag from Thermo has significantly more volume: the upright model has a capacity of 8.5 liters and can therefore store several snacks and drinks inside – and insulate them. According to the manufacturer, the bag offers several advantages: tear-resistant seams, washable materials and a tight zipper. The model is also foldable. With the practical shoulder strap, the BPA and PVC-free cool bag can be transported comfortably and easily.3. Sommardröm cooler bag from Ikea

The Swedish furniture store chain also has a small cool bag in its range. Behind the charming name “Sommardröm” there is a handy model with a shoulder strap that is supposed to offer enough space for food and drinks. The website does not show how many liters the bag actually holds – but the dimensions are a helpful indication of the actual size: 22 x 28 x 26 centimeters (H x L x W).4. Lifewit cooler bag with outer pockets

Anyone who still finds the first four models to be too small is better served with this cooler bag: The water-resistant, dirt-repellent model made of Oxford fabric belongs to the Lifewit brand and has a total volume of 15 liters. According to the manufacturer, the interior is made of environmentally friendly PEVA film and padded with a special EPE foam – this is intended to achieve higher heat resistance. The bag also has two nets on the outside for more storage space.

5. Small cooler bag by H

This cooler bag, equipped with heat-insulating film, weighs just 160 grams. The outer material, on the other hand, consists of a patterned woven fabric (80% polyester, 20% cotton). The model also has adjustable shoulder straps and a zip closure at the top.

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