At home we want to find peace, but we also want visual highlights that put us in a good mood: It is precisely this contrast that the 2022 living trends pick up on. Sustainability is also a big issue.

Since the Corona pandemic, we have been spending more time than ever before within our four walls. All the better if you feel really comfortable in it. The living trends 2022 take up the contrast between calm and liveliness – and make it our favorite place again.

Living trends 2022: furniture in pastel tones

When it comes to conveying calm, the choice of color in particular has a strong influence. Pastel shades are exactly the right choice to set subtle accents and visually relax a room. Furniture and decorative elements in pastel tones are therefore among the home trends for 2022: whether it’s a cozy armchair in light purple, a sofa in pastel blue or carpets in soft colours. In pastel colors, they directly have a calming effect.

Tip: Yellow in particular and the Pantone color of the year 2022, Very Peri, i.e. a pale shade of purple, are currently in vogue and can be combined with cuddly elements for a particularly cozy touch: a fluffy pillow on the sofa or the cozy blanket in Velvet look on the couch, for example.

The contrast: striking decorative highlights

But it shouldn’t just be quiet and cozy at home – especially in the Corona crisis, which is forcing us to be quiet in many ways, our home can radiate some vitality. This is best done with cheerful and eye-catching decorative elements. Contrary to the trend towards minimalism, the counter-movement “maximalism” provides strong visual highlights: golden and graphic elements on tables or side tables, colorful highlights such as bright cushions or colorful pictures can be freely combined and also go great with the quieter pastel trends as a basis.

Tip: It is best to commit to a maximum of four to five core colors that you can stage. This creates a harmonious overall impression despite many impressions. But the urban jungle trend is also popular and impresses with eye-catching plant prints.

Living trends 2022 for that holiday feeling at home

Since we have had to do without vacation for the most part recently, we simply get the right feeling within our four walls: Natural tones ground our furnishings, upholstered furniture in the colors of the sunset, structured textiles, lamps made of natural materials or cacti exude exotic flair and ensure a pleasant feeling. Woven textures and wicker furniture in combination with ceramic or stoneware tableware also give our home at least a little holiday feeling.

Furnishing trends with history

You can also create Mediterranean accents and holiday flair with the help of old cultures: furniture like from ancient Greece, for example, in a striking cobalt blue. These can be joined by art objects, such as pictures with motifs from well-known history. Maybe you also have souvenirs from your vacation that you can show off with this furnishing trend.

Tip: A timeless bust on the shelf or on the chest of drawers creates a great effect. In this 2022 living trend, each element speaks for itself and tells its own story – and satisfies wanderlust a little.

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