Microsoft has already done it, as has the Facebook group Meta and Amazon. According to reports, the Google group Alphabet also wants to cut five-digit jobs. Why?

As the next heavyweight in the tech industry, Google parent company Alphabet wants to cut thousands of jobs, according to media reports. Around 12,000 jobs are to be lost worldwide, as company boss Sundar Pichai wrote in an email to employees published on Friday. This corresponds to around six percent of the workforce. Pichai indicated that areas outside the core business should therefore be more affected: they want to adapt the workforce to the central priorities of the group.

Just this week, Microsoft announced the elimination of 10,000 jobs. Before that, Amazon announced that it would cut 18,000 jobs and the Facebook group Meta of 11,000 jobs. With the booming business in the corona pandemic, the tech companies had increased their number of employees, in some cases significantly. Recently, however, business development has slowed down, among other things due to economic concerns and high inflation.