“It was a difficult situation for the organization.” Jürgen Stock, Interpol secretary general, spoke to the press Thursday about the disappearance of his ex-president, the Chinese Meng Hongwei during a trip in China in late September. Ten days later, he had announced his resignation by mail, stating that he was accused of corruption by Beijing. The organization was eventually “accept” the resignation of the confession of Jürgen Stock: “If this country we said: ‘We have opened investigations, they are ongoing, and the president resigns’ (…) then we have to accept it”.

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The wife of Meng Hongwei, a resident of Lyon with her husband, had contacted the French police at the end of September, having no news of her husband after a message WhatsApp, dated 25 September: “Waiting for my call” followed by a émoticone representing a knife. It is of the view that it is a proof that her husband is in “danger”. An investigation is opened in France before Beijing announced on 7 October that Meng Hongwei is suspected of having accepted bribes and covered by an investigation in China.

the resignation of The president is reported in the evening by Interpol, after the receipt of an e-mail that The World has been able to procure. This letter of resignation dated October 5, comprises only a few lines typed: “Suspected of breaking the law, I resigned voluntarily from my position as president of Interpol”. At the bottom of the document, the name of Meng Hongwei, but without the handwritten signature.

Pressures from Beijing

In his speech on Thursday, Jürgen Stock said that he knew that Meng Hongwei was in China, according to information provided by Beijing, and that he “had no reason to suspect anything” forced ” in his resignation. The World , however, has got wind of an e-mail in which Beijing seems to put pressure on the police organisation in the world. The chinese authorities are asking “kindly” to Interpol to inform them of any communication “on this matter and to indicate upstream to the chinese party any information or comments that could be made public”.

Meng Hongwei, 64 years old, had been elected on 10 November 2016 at the head of the police organisation based in Lyon, and whose purpose is to promote exchanges between the fonts of its 192 member countries. Prior to his appointment, he occupied, in China, the vice-minister of public Security. Heavy weight of the chinese communist Party, he had climbed the ranks of the security apparatus at the time when the party was led by a former rival of president Xi Jinping, who is now in prison.

In China, the investigations against the officials or the members of the communist Party are frequent, carried out in secret and without access to a lawyer. The wife of Meng Hongwei has also accused Beijing of “political persecution” in an interview with laBBC, pretending to not be safe that her husband “is alive”.

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