Surprisingly, Apple released updates for numerous devices on Monday. The most important are those for the iPhone, iPad and Mac: They close security gaps that are already being actively attacked.

On Monday evening it was time again: out of nowhere, billions of Apple devices reported that a new software version was available for them. Almost all of the group’s device categories received a new update in one fell swoop. You should act quickly, especially with iPhone, iPad and Mac.

There, the current updates close a dangerous security gap in Apple’s browser basis Webkit. If you visit a manipulated website, it can lead a device to run malware via the loophole. The danger is not just theoretical: According to Apple, there are reports that the vulnerabilities are being actively used by attackers. If you want to use the Internet securely with your iPhone, iPad or Mac, you should install the update as soon as possible.

iOS 16.3.1 and Co: That’s what else is in it

Apple has also fixed bugs in numerous other places. The accident detection introduced with the iPhone 14 (you can find our test here) recently made headlines because it caused false alarms in numerous ski areas. Now Apple has revised the detection of accidents. Both models of the iPhone 14 Pro (also tested by us) and the current Apple Watches also benefit from this.

Apple fixes other errors on all devices at the same time. The company fixed a problem that prevented the voice assistant Siri from finding registered items and users in Apple’s “Where is” service. If you use the iCloud service, there could sometimes be display errors in the settings, some settings were simply not accepted. The data backup via the cloud service is also said to have partially failed. That should now be a thing of the past.

How to do the update

First check in the settings whether the new software versions are available. The updates are detailed as follows: iOS 16.3.1 (iPhone), iPadOS 16.3.1 (iPad), macOS 13.2.1 (Mac computer), watchOS 9.3.1 (Apple Watch), tvOS 16.3.2 (AppleTV) and Homepods system 16.3.2. Make sure that there is an internet connection and the device is connected to the power supply. In the case of the Apple Watch, there must be a connection to the iPhone. If you have switched on automatic updates and the device was connected to the power supply overnight, the update may have already been installed.

Google Photos Error: How to fix it

In some cases, the update seems to cause problems with Google’s Photos app. Users complained that the app simply could not be opened properly. If you use the app, look for an update in the App Store, the current version should fix these problems.

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