Iran has submitted a preliminary report on the causes of the collapse of Boeing Ukrainian

crashed under the Tehran plane, “International airlines of Ukraine” before the fall made a u-turn and tried to return to the departure airport, said in a preliminary report of the Department of civil aviation of Iran. The document was prepared by the special Commission on investigation of aviation accidents, headed by the head of Ali Abedzadeh.

the document States that passenger Boeing 737-800 aircraft managed to climb to an altitude of 8000 ft (2438 m), then the information about its location disappeared from the radar screen of the controller. The pilots did not convey message about the emergency on Board. Witnesses told investigators that the fire on the plane originated in the time of the flight, and after the collision of the liner with the ground an explosion occurred. “The trajectory indicates that the airplane was originally heading West, after a problem occurs turned and headed to the departure airport”, — stated in the report. The first collision of the aircraft with the ground occurred in the area of the amusement Park of Tehran. Then there was another impact on the ground along the trajectory of the aircraft, these attacks his body was falling apart, the document notes.

On the scene it was discovered parts of the aircraft and the flight recorders, which contains the flight data recorder and the cockpit voice recording made installed in the cockpit voice recorder. Both black boxes had been damaged in a collision with the ground plane and the subsequent fire, however, the data they can decrypt, reads the report.

In Tehran crashed airliner. The main On Board flying to Ukraine Boeing were 176 people, no one survived Society

the special Commission invited all countries whose citizens died in the crash, to send representatives to create a special investigative group toguide will organize the identification and transfer of bodies of foreign citizens on the homeland, and will also participate in the investigation. Iran expects professionals from other countries will come soon. “The initial notification was sent to Ukraine as the country in which it has been registered aircraft USA is the manufacturer of the aircraft, Sweden and Canada as countries whose citizens were in Boeing”, — the document says. As stated by the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, the Ukrainian experts have arrived in Iran to participate in the work together with experts from other countries.

According to the document, on Board were 167 passengers and nine crew members, they all died. Victims of the crash were 146 Iranians, 10 Afghans, five Canadians, four Swedes and 11 citizens of Ukraine, two of whom were passengers. The flight crew consisted of 9 Ukrainians. “Some passengers may have multiple citizenships, which will be reflected in another report” — are words in the message Abazada. The bodies were discovered and the remains of the passengers were sent for identification.

the Aircraft of Ukrainian airlines crashed in the morning of 8 January. At 6:13 local time, he flew from the international airport of Tehran to Kiev. A few minutes after takeoff the plane crashed. Earlier, the Ministry of roads and urban development of Iran said that the cause of the crash allegedly was a technical malfunction – the plane’s engine caught fire. The authorities of Iran and Ukraine do not exclude the version of act of terrorism, but I think it unlikely. If the plane was hit by a rocket, he would have exploded in the sky, said the head of the press service of the Ministry Kassim Nizami. According to him, while trying to land the plane, the pilots were able to make a mistake. On the eve of Abedzadeh said that Iran will not transfer to the aviation concern Boeing flight recorders. Decoding data from the black boxes will be carried out by Iranian specialists, he said. Abedzadeh also assured that Iranian airspace safely. However, despite this, the government of Ukraine has banned the Ukrainian airlines to fly over Iran. In turn, the Federal air transport Agency recommended Russian airlines not to fly in the airspace of Iran, Iraq, the Persian and Oman gulfs. Recommendations were also given what happened on the night of 7 to 8 January attack by Islamic revolutionary guard Corps American air bases located in Iraq.

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