From our correspondent in Jerusalem

Oman, the Uae, Qatar and soon in Bahrain. Israel is the last several weeks of manoeuvring in the Gulf countries to make progress in the narrow way of normalisation of its relations with its neighbours, the sunni, with the exception of Egypt and Jordan, continue officially to deny any contact with the jewish State. It all started in late October by the visit of Benjamin Netanyahu in Muscat, capital of Oman, the first of an israeli leader for the past twenty-two years. He was accompanied by his wife, Sara, but especially Yossi Cohen, the boss of the Mossad. Sultan Qabus Ibn Said treated royally its guests.

On his return, the head of the israeli government lavishes praise on the sovereign arab. “He has the soul of an artist, he is exceptionally knowledgeable and impressive. We discovered that we read the same books”, commented Benjamin Netanyahu. “Perhaps it is time to treat Israel like any other …

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