Israel has accused Iran of nuclear deception

Iran has misled the international community in order to develop nuclear weapons. This statement, wrote The Jerusalem Post, made at the weekly meeting of the government of Israel the Prime Minister of the Jewish state Benjamin Netanyahu.

According to him, even the International atomic energy Agency (IAEA) is now “understands that the Israelis have maintained for many years.” About it, according to Netanyahu, said the information came from the IAEA a few days ago.

the IAEA Board of governors on 19 June adopted the draft resolution “eurothree” (great Britain, France and Germany) demand that Iran provide access to two objects, where the Agency suspects a possible storage of undeclared nuclear material. Of the 35 States of the Council of 25 members supported the resolution, Russia and China voted against it.

In the first from September 2012 critical resolution on Iran, the IAEA Board of governors echoed earlier in the report the Director General of the organization of serious concern due to the fact that the Islamic Republic “has not provided the Agency access to two locations”. In this case, “continuing almost a year of discussion to clarify the Agency’s questions regarding possible undeclared nuclear material and activities in the nuclear field in Iran have not led to progress”.

Russia’s permanent representative in Vienna, the Mikhail Ulyanov called for the IAEA and Iran to resolve the problem, which may worsen due to resolution, reports TASS. The permanent mission of China to the international organizations in Vienna warned of a possible major implications of the Iranian nuclear deal in the future.

Meanwhile, the 240 members of the Iranian Parliament appealed to the government with a request to suspend voluntary implementation of the Additional Protocol to the safeguards Agreement with the IAEA and to translate in a mode “offline” the IAEA verification in relation to nuclear activities of the Islamic Republic. The reason just named resolution IAEA Board of governors against Iran, RIA Novosti reported.