Israel has begun the

In the Golan heights appears the settlement in honor of the American President Donald trump Ramat-trump. From 14 June Israel begins implementing “practical steps” in its creation, said Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

to allocate space on Golan, Israeli sovereignty over which was declared trump, Netanyahu announced in may last year and in June opened a sign “Ramat tramp”.

In March, 2019 in the course of negotiations with Netanyahu trump signed the proclamation on the recognition of Israeli sovereignty over the Golan. Against this expressed the Islamic world, Russia and even US allies. Golan belonged to Syria since 1944 and was captured by Israel in 1967 in the six day war. In 1981, the Israeli Parliament passed the “Golan heights Law”, but the UN security Council declared the annexation invalid.

Netanyahu was going to organize a settlement in 2019, but could not form a government until March 2020, reports TASS.