IT giants reacted to the death of the African-American George Floyd

Apple CEO Tim cook on Sunday sent employees a memo on the killing of African American George Floyd, who died may 25 after a white police officer from Minneapolis pinned him with a knee the neck and held him so more than 7 minutes, while George lay on the road face down. After the incident in cities across the country sparked protests.

In the note cook condemned the killing and called for the creation of “a better, fairer world for all.” “We cannot be a society worthy of pride, if we fail to guarantee freedom from fear to every person that gives this country its love, work and life,” cook said.

cook also admitted that racial injustice exists in the United States, including “in our criminal justice system” and “disproportionate harm from disease of black and brown communities,” and also from economic inequalities and inequalities in educational opportunities.

staff e-mail was sent out after Apple has closed some of its American stores since the weekend the protests turned into riots, which resulted in the injury of several Apple stores.

In the letter, cook said that the company will make donations to groups such as Equal Justice Initiative. He also reminded the staff about the resources they possess, for example, the company’s program to assist employees.

“to bring about change, we need to reconsider our own attitudes and actions in light of the pain that is deeply felt, but too often ignored,” wrote cook in an internal memo. “Questions of human dignity will not stand in the way.”

In recent days, other major technology companies also announced efforts to support social justice. YouTube announced that it will donate $ 1 million to initiatives in the field of socialialei justice, and Uber CEO said that the company will donate $ 1 million to the two groups involved in the reform of the criminal justice system.

on Saturday, Alphabet, parent company Google announced that it is scheduled for June 3 presentation of the new version of the Android operating system will not take place. The company noted that now is not the time to party, so the presentation of Android 11откладывается for an indefinite period.

Facebook CEO mark Zuckerberg also said that the social networking giant will allocate 10 million dollars to groups fighting racial inequality.

And Facebook, and YouTube, however, drew attention to its policy of content moderation. In particular, the solution to Facebook not to take any action in respect of the post of President trump, which appears to be threatened protesters prompted some employees to speak out.

may 29, trump wrote on Twitter that protesters in Minneapolis “dishonor the memory of George Floyd” and it can direct to Minneapolis soldiers of the National guard, if the mayor does not take action. Twitter marked it as a tweet glorify violence, and Facebook did not respond to the post.

Zuckerberg said that the company looked the post trump, but decided to leave it, since the post only contains warnings about the possible actions of the authorities, and people should know about this. Zuckerberg added that in after not contain incitement and calls to violence, therefore remove it not to become Facebook. However, the staff of Facebook with the boss do not agree and condemn this approach.

Rare to see that the staff of Facebook has publicly spoken out against senior management, but some have criticized the inaction of the company in relation to posts trump.

“I — employee of Facebook who completely disagree with the decision of Mark nothing is done in Relosenii recent posts trump, which clearly incite to violence. I’m not the only Facebook employee who thinks so. Can’t be neutral about racism,” tweeted fellow at the Department of research and development.

Meanwhile, ciberespacio began to fix the hackers of Anonymous. The group accused the police of brutality, after which several sites of law enforcement agencies were victims of cyber attacks. Published by hackers video, the hooded man and the guy Fawkes mask said that in a short time will be published data on misconduct of law enforcement officers from Minneapolis.