It is not George Floyd and his killer: the Americans want to change the system

burned to the ground In the epicenter of the protests in Minneapolis the evening of may 30 again crowded. After receiving final instructions, young people in masks are removed from the place at exactly eight. Of course, it is a challenge. At this time the authorities declared a curfew.

the Crowd starts moving. Another group in this time tried to break into police station No. 5. In the end, ran into a cordon. Hail of rubber bullets. One was in the operator’s local television stations.

this time there were no pogroms. On the street brought not 700, 4100 national guard. Three last night in Minneapolis was Polye. The protests resembled the fighting. For some time, strangled her colleagues Floyd Derek Sovena kept the defense, but then decided to leave your site. It was set on fire. The flames engulfed the entire block. Only injured more than 170 buildings.

you can Get it or under the rubber, and may be under a real bullet. That looter from the ATM illuminated sight drives away down a rooftop sniper.

When it was dark to the store began to attract white men who call themselves well-armed “radnicni”. Those who have no weapons, come with bits. The entrance to the quarter was blocked by cars.

cause for alarm enough. In the Network walks here is a video with direct threats. The masked man warns that the protests spread to residential areas: “When there is nothing left, we move to the suburbs and simultaneously capture the building of the local government. And what will you do then? But we’ll do it.”

To the Capitol of Minnesota — it is in the nearby town of Saint-Paul — headed column. Front foot behind the car. Arrest patrolman Derek Sovena they are not reassured. They just don’t believe it.

Ahead — the bridge over the Mississippi. To overcome it fails. Police on the other side meet the avant-garde tear gas. The rioters themselves pass in defence.

As predicted, the crowd, the police began a DWIthe situation in the country. A number of us at this time is the crew of CNN. Our interview gets them in the frame. Apparently, this is what we call “Russian intervention”, which tells the liberal American channel.

So what happened in Ferguson with Michael brown or new York’s Staten island with Eric Garner. It happened with George Floyd. Right here.

Sire Eatery Foods. The crew Sovana and his partner will be on the second place. First, two officers will twist the Floyd. The file says that he resisted. But shooting (and the witnesses led her from several angles) it denies.

He said he could. 8 minutes. And the detainee, and passers-by begged me not to choke him. A policeman stopped only when George Floyd lost consciousness.

an Ambulance will come quickly, but it’s too late. George Floyd was the victim of the person actually shared the one bread. They were both security guards at the night club El Nuevo Rodeo, though, probably did not know each other personally. But the character Sovena remembered the visitors and the former owner of the establishment. “He was very violent and in any conflict situation took out a gas canister, poured indiscriminately,” she recalls.

the police and the suture did not hold myself back. A 19-year career, he received 18 complaints. Against shovina conducted an internal investigation in 2006 after the murder on the challenge. The charges were dropped. The officer in the video holding back the crowd, was involved in the case of excessive use of force. The case was settled in court in 2017.

the First photo Sovena custody. It is placed in Ramsey County jail, where is kept in solitary confinement and under constant surveillance. Who knows what will climb into his head, because Sovena turned away even wife. After the arrest, she filed for divorce.

a Former police officer charged with murder in the third degree, that is negligence. In total he faces 35 years in prison.

Those who come and go to the Lincoln memorial.Lou, I think that is too lenient a punishment. However, it is not only in George Floyd and his killer. People sure need to change the system.

Text: “News of the week”