Under the title “1938, humanity denied”, an exhibition on the racial laws of fascism has just opened in the rooms of the Quirinale, the presidential palace in Italian. The head of State, Sergio Mattarella, has wanted this historical recreation as an “act of reparation” to terminate the measures imposed in October 1938 by Mussolini, “stain indelible and infamous in Italian history”. On a video, a party train five days earlier from Italy penetrates slowly in the Auschwitz camp. Aboard this convoy of twenty-eight cattle wagons, about a thousand Italian Jews rounded up on 16 October 1943 in the ghetto of Rome. Liliana Segre was 13 years old when she was deported with her father that she was never to be seen after their descent from the train. Invited by the president of the Republic, and was named senator for life in recognition of his pedagogical action in schools, it has travelled through the exhibition “with great emotion”.

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