Did you know that not every plant is allowed on the balcony? Some green roommates are best avoided.

A balcony offers the perfect opportunity to create your own green oasis. But be careful: there are a few things to consider when choosing plants. Legal restrictions can quickly limit the dream of lush balcony greenery.

Before you rush into the nearest garden center and buy your favorite plants for the balcony, you should find out about the legal framework. Because not every plant that at first glance has what it takes to become glaucoma on your balcony is actually allowed to grow there.

Plants that can affect the architecture of the house are particularly problematic. For example, a sycamore maple that develops into a stately tree over many years is not permitted according to a ruling by the Munich Regional Court.

Likewise, climbing plants such as ivy or wild vine, which are often found in romantic cottages, can become a nuisance if they penetrate the facade and damage it.

Tenants are allowed to plant whatever they want on their balcony, but they must adhere to a few rules. It is important not only to choose plants that are aesthetically pleasing, but also those that do not pose a danger to others.

Larger plants on the balcony that serve as privacy screens or to create shade are very popular. However, care must be taken to ensure that these plants are sufficiently protected against gusts of wind in order to avoid any dangers.

If they grow excessively and thereby restrict the light from the surrounding balconies, impair the external appearance of the building or block the neighbors’ views, regular trimming is necessary to maintain everyone’s quality of life and the overall appearance of the house facade.

For example, plant pots and flower boxes must be firmly installed so that they do not fall down and injure passers-by or neighbors. Caution is also advised when watering the plants: Nobody wants their coffee on the balcony to be disturbed by an involuntary shower from above, as a ruling by the Munich District Court confirms.

The ideal planting for the balcony depends on many factors, including lighting conditions and personal taste. Plants that like full sun, such as geraniums, petunias and hussar plants, are ideal for sunny balconies.

For shady places, plants such as snowflake flowers, fairy mirrors or fuchsias are recommended. Also make sure that the plants do not grow too large for your balcony and do not cast too much shade on your neighbors’ balconies, which could affect their quality of life.