Donald Trump will be there also severe with his own daughter than with Hillary Clinton, his opponent in the presidential election of 2016? Ivanka Trump, who is also one of the advisors to the american president, used a personal account to e-mail to communicate on government business, said the Washington Post, Monday.

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The u.s. daily, citing anonymous sources, said that the discovery was made by officials of the White House. When questioned on this subject, Ivanka Trump has indicated that it is not aware of the details of federal rules, according to the newspaper. A spokesman for the lawyer Ivanka Trump has confirmed that it had used a personal account for e-mail before you have been informed of these rules, and has stated that all e-mails related to government business, had been made available to the administration several months ago and that none of these messages contained classified information, according to the Washington Post . In the case of Hillary Clinton, emails, personal related to government business had not been transferred to the department of State, of which she was the head, while 110 emails contained classified information, revealed from an investigation by the FBI, reminds us daily.

The us president, Donald Trump has blasted multiple times the use of a private server of electronic mail for government business by Hillary Clinton, his opponent in the presidential election of 2016, when his term of secretary of State. Supporters of Donald Trump chant regularly, “Integrate!” at the meetings of the president. This phrase, meaning their desire to see Hillary Clinton in prison, was one of their rallying cries from during the presidential campaign.

Ivanka Trump, but not only.

This case is not limited to that Ivanka Trump. As of September 2017, the New York Times revealed that six councillors of Donald Trump used “occasionally” e-mail addresses, personal and discuss issues relating to their activities at the White House. Among them, Ivanka Trump already, but also Stephen Bannon, a former strategist to the chairman, Reince Priebus, head of the cabinet, or of other less known as Gary Cohn / Stephen Miller.

This information was published after the discovery that Jared Kushner – the husband of Ivanka Trump and himself an advisor to the us president – had done the same during the first seven months of the presidency, Trump. “The officials are supposed to use the messaging services of the government for their official duties, so that their conversations are accessible to the public and to those conducting the monitoring. But it is not illegal for officials of the White House use e-mail accounts private so that they transmit the messages related to their work to their accounts so that they can be preserved,” it said then the New York Times , before recalling the controversy surrounding Hillary Clinton during the election of 2016.