A lion bit off a keeper’s finger at a zoo in Jamaica. He kept putting his hand through the bars and grabbing the animal’s teeth.

This article first appeared on RTL.de.

The keeper of the “Jamaica Zoo” in St. Elizabeth repeatedly puts his hand through the bars, provoking the lions in the enclosure. Visitors record the scene with their cell phones. The videos show him yelling at the animal and touching him roughly. However, the wild animal does not put up with the man’s behavior for long, bites the guard’s finger and does not let go of him for the time being.

“Jamaica Zoo”: lion bites after provocation

The visitors of the zoo in Jamaica actually want to watch a show with the lions, when supposed fun becomes bitter seriousness. A keeper stands at the bars of the cage and provokes the wild animal with his arrogant behavior. He seems to feel safe because there is a lattice between the lion and himself.

The Jamaican zookeeper keeps sticking his hand in the fence quickly. He takes the opportunity to grab the lion’s teeth, pulls on his mane, calls out “come on” and claps his hands loudly. This is obviously too much for the predator. It snaps, doesn’t let go of the man’s finger and finally bites it off. Only then can the animal keeper free himself from the situation.

A witness to the incident told the Jamaica Observer newspaper: “When it happened I thought it was a joke because it’s the guards’ job to put on a show. But when he fell on the ground and was bleeding, we realized everyone first that it was serious.” The wounded man then reportedly got up and drove away in his vehicle. The visitors were all shocked, the woman continued. According to media reports, animal rights activists insist on investigating the case of animal cruelty.