At the start of the Tour de France, Jan Ullrich spoke on Instagram and spoke about his “very intense life”.

Just in time for the start of this year’s Tour de France in Copenhagen on July 1, Jan Ullrich (48) posted a video on Instagram. In full cycling gear, Ullrich first wishes the riders of the 109th edition of the world-famous cycling race good luck – “especially our German riders”. Then the former racing cyclist, who was the first and only German rider to win the tour exactly 25 years ago this summer, describes his impressions of the ARD documentary series “Being Jan Ullrich”.

“I would also like to thank you very much for the positive feedback in connection with the ARD documentation that I am currently watching,” said Ullrich. “Of course I looked at them too and it aroused great emotions in me. I know I’ve had a very intense life behind me, with all the ups and downs. Of course it arouses great emotions, you can certainly imagine that.”

Steep uphill and a descent

The five-part documentary sheds light on the athlete’s ups and downs. Ullrich’s path from the talent of the century to the first German tour winner in 1997. His private duel against US star Lance Armstrong (50), which was held with mutual respect for years. And the doping scandal that ultimately affected both figureheads of cycling.