In Washington, the processing of the Capitol storm has begun. The focus is ex-president Donald Trump. 810 suspected strikers were arrested, 60 have already been convicted, others are still awaiting trial.

Grapevine man, cable tie guy, shaman with buffalo horns, lectern thief: you are among the main actors in the surreal and oppressive spectacle on January 6, when hundreds of Trump fans stormed the Capitol in Washington. Some of those involved were already known, such as Jake Angeli, the “Shaman”. Or a newly elected representative from the state of West Virginia.

The storming of the Capitol is now seen by some as an attempted coup d’etat, with ex-President Donald Trump at the center of attention, who is accused of inciting the uprising.

The “QAnon Shaman” regrets the Capitol Storm

810 Americans were arrested in connection with the storming, 350 other suspects are not yet infected, 60 have been sentenced to prison – this is the status of some of the iconic Capitol stormers.

The “shaman with buffalo horns” will probably be the face of the storming of the Capitol for a very long time. Jacob Anthony Chansley is the name of the man, he is 34 years old and comes from Arizona. His name is Jake Angeli and he has often been noticed as a supporter of the far-right conspiracy theory QAnon (read more about the QAnon movement here). According to police, he himself called the FBI to confirm his presence at the US Capitol.

In November 2021, he was sentenced to 41 months in prison. During the court hearing, Chansley regretted taking part in the storming of the Capitol. He is currently being held in an Arizona prison.

With Derrick Evans, there was also an elected parliamentarian among the insurgents. The 37-year-old sits for the Republicans in the West Virginia state house of representatives. Or better: was just voted into it. Evans broadcast live on his Facebook page how he broke into the Washington Capitol. After his arrest, he announced his resignation as a member of parliament. He hopes to initiate the “healing process” in the United States, as he wrote in his farewell statement. “So that we can all go forward and come together as ‘one nation, under God’.”

During the trial, he pleaded guilty, among other things, to having resisted the police in a situation of unrest. He faces up to five years in prison and a fine of up to $250,000.

Larry Rendell Brock of Grapevine, Texas is a former Air Force officer. He was the one photographed in martial riot gear in the US Senate. The 53-year-old was apparently reported by his ex-wife. According to the US Federal Police FBI, she is said to have stated: “I was afraid that he would be there. I could see his badge on the photos.” Brock told The New Yorker magazine that he assumed he would be allowed to enter the Capitol. He only wants to have worn the combat suit to protect himself from possible attacks by opposing demonstrators.

His case will be heard starting August 25, 2022.

Adam Johnson was among the first suspects to be arrested. He was the one who allegedly stole the lectern of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Pictures show him smiling happily at the cameras with a Trump winter hat on his arm and the desk in his hand. Johnson, 36, has five children and is from Florida.

Most recently, he had pleaded guilty to a number of charges, such as entering a restricted building. In addition, he has already pledged to transfer proceeds from planned book sales to the government for five years.

Richard Barnett of Arkansas was also quickly arrested. He is believed to be the man who was photographed proudly in Pelosi’s chair with one foot on his desk. The 60-year-old is known as a firearms advocate. “I got pushed into this,” Barnett, who runs a Facebook group for firearm rights, told a radio station. “I was looking for the toilet.” However, Barnett said he had a right to be in Pelosi’s office. Ultimately, this was paid for with tax money. “This is my desk. I’m a taxpayer,” he said. Before leaving the office, he says he took an envelope with him and left a note for Pelosi, calling her a “hooker.”

One of the charges is entering a restricted building with a dangerous weapon. Barnett denies all allegations and his trial is scheduled for early September 2022.

Aaron Mostofsky is the son of a well-known lawyer and was known as “the caveman”. Pictures show him carrying a police shield and a wooden stick. By his own admission, he felt cheated of the US election. “I don’t think 75 million people voted for Donald Trump, I think it should have been more like 85 million,” he said in an interview. He is accused, among other things, of stealing government property and threatening police officers.

He has since been sentenced to eight months in prison, plus Mostofsky has to do 200 hours of community work and pay a $2,000 fine.

The “zip tie guy” is barman Eric Munchel from Lee County, Tennessee. Pictures show him carrying plastic cords, which are also used as a substitute for handcuffs. He, like his mother, is accused of having forced entry into the congress building.

The 31-year-old is currently under house arrest.

Kevin Seefried was photographed carrying a Confederate flag down the hallways of Congress. The flag is a symbol for a reactionary image of society.

He and his son are charged with forced entry, among other things, their trial begins on June 13.

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