Dieter Wedel died in Hamburg on July 13, as the Munich I Regional Court announced on Wednesday, where criminal proceedings against Wedel were pending. This is how the lawyer of his alleged victim takes a position.

Director Dieter Wedel died in Hamburg on July 13 at the age of 82. This was announced by the Munich I Regional Court on Wednesday, where criminal proceedings against Wedel were pending. The court actually wanted to announce on Wednesday whether there would be a trial against Wedel. According to the court, the case against him is now being discontinued.

Dieter Wedel: Lawyer of his alleged victim expresses himself

The public prosecutor had already indicted Wedel in March last year for an allegation from 1996. The actress Jany Tempel states that Wedel (“Der Große Bellheim”, “Der Schattenmann”) raped her in a Munich luxury hotel at the time – an accusation that Wedel denied.

Jany Tempel shared a screenshot of a news report on Instagram without comment. “I wish the family my condolences on the death of Dr. Dieter Wedel,” said Tempel’s attorney, Dr. Alexander Stevens, the star.

“For the proceedings, which must be discontinued due to death (the dead cannot be investigated / negotiated), the presumption of innocence naturally applies – in the absence of a legally binding conclusion by court judgment,” he explained, adding: “Nevertheless, I would like to point out that the The public prosecutor’s office only files charges if the suspect’s conviction is more likely than his acquittal. It should also be noted that statistically far more than 80 percent of all charges are convicted by criminal courts. In addition, there was a so-called credibility report on the credibility of the case against Dieter Wedel of Jany Tempel’s allegations that would be difficult for a court to overrule.”

His lawyers criticize reporting

He also let it be known how his client is doing: “Mrs. Tempel hopes that with Wedel’s death other women will also dare to speak out about sexual violence and that the Wedel case will still be completely cleared up.”

According to his lawyers, Wedel died “after a long, serious illness” in a Hamburg clinic. “There is no reason for the continuation of public speculative considerations,” wrote the lawyers – and criticized the reporting on the criminal proceedings against their client: “The proceedings against our client were exaggerated in the media to the alleged ‘model case’ of a social movement.”

In conclusion, they emphasized: “The proceedings, which ended with the death of our client, are proving to be a depressing example of how the fundamentals of constitutional criminal proceedings can come under pressure and be called into question through one-sided scandalization and a moralizing mentality of persecution.”

Wedel was one of the most successful German filmmakers.

Sources: dpa news agency / Instagram jany.tempel