Japan will host U.S. missile defense systems Aegis Ashore

Japan will not host U.S. ground-based missile Aegis Ashore. Waiver plans, said the defense Minister Taro Kono, who has previously criticized the high cost of the systems, and pointed to a number of technical problems that may arise during their placement.

In 2017, Tokyo took the decision of placing the complex Aegis Ashore due to the fact that the DPRK has actively produced its satellite launches. The U.S. missile defense system was placed in the prefectures of Akita and Yamaguchi (North-West and South-West of the country). It was expected that their range would cover all of Japan. The introduction of the complexes into operation was scheduled for completion by 2023, RIA Novosti reported.

the Intention of Japan to deploy Aegis Ashore have not improved the situation in the region that has repeatedly indicated Moscow.