TV presenter Jean Pütz had to go under the knife. Now the 85-year-old explained how he is doing after the cancer operation.

Jean Pütz (85) has returned after a cancer operation. In mid-June, he briefly described to his fans in a video on Facebook why the surgery was necessary. There he declared that he would “go under the knife next week”. The hat he wears in the clip on the subject of hydrogen has “a purpose,” he said briefly in the introduction.

He showed a patch on his forehead in the video. At this point, “a cancer nested,” according to the TV star, “although harmless, but he has to be operated on”. The moderator, who once became famous with the “Hobbythek” series, added: “Keep your fingers crossed that this will happen without any problems.”

“I am healed”

After the operation, Jean Pütz revealed to the “Bild” newspaper: “A 1.5 centimeter piece of skin had to be cut out under general anesthesia.” The 85-year-old continued: “I now have roof damage, but I don’t care about the scar, I’m healed, I don’t need beauty when I’m old.”