Jeannine Michaelsen and Charlotte Würdig will compete in “Schlag den Star” on Saturday. Before the show there is a clear declaration of war from Würdig.

The moderator duo Charlotte Würdig (43) and Jeannine Michaelsen (40) will compete against each other on Saturday (June 4) on “Schlag den Star” (8:15 p.m., live on ProSieben). Rapper Sido’s (41) ex-wife Charlotte Würdig made it clear in a highly motivated statement before the show: “Jeannine, when I’m done with you, even Google won’t find you anymore.” Michaelsen, who has been moderating the show “Joko vs. Klaas – The Duel Around the World” since 2012, promises “the most special and probably the most entertaining edition that will exist”.

Actor triumphed over rapper

As usual, the two stars compete in up to 15 duel rounds and have to score with knowledge, skill or athleticism. Elton (51) will lead through the show again, the games will be commented on by Ron Ringguth (56). Kontra K (34) with his song “Wieder 2015” and ESC winner Kalush Orchestra with “Stefania” were announced as musical acts.

In the last issue of April 30, actor Frederick Lau (32) and rapper Marteria (39) met. At the end of game 15, Lau was finally able to be chosen as the winner and collect the 100,000 euro prize money.