Jennifer Aniston and Sebastian Stan have said in an interview that they want to make a romantic comedy together.

Any romantic comedy fans coming soon? Jennifer Aniston, 53, and Sebastian Stan, 39, have at least talked about wanting to do a rom-com together.

Stan reveals to his colleague for Variety magazine that he’s a big fan of romantic comedy. When Aniston asked if he particularly liked a film genre, his unequivocal answer was: “If I could, I would live in the movie ‘Notting Hill’ forever.” Actually every lover of the genre knows the classic with Julia Roberts (54) and Hugh Grant (61).

The actress asks, “Why does [romantic comedy] get such a bad rap these days, wouldn’t it be fun to do one?” Stan can only agree. She’d love to do one and Stan is open to it, too, explaining that he’d be on board without even thinking about it.

“The shoot in New York City?” asks Aniston. That sounds great to Stan. He is sure that the authors would get it done “very quickly”. And his colleague’s conclusion: “Great. We’re doing a rom-com. So exciting. We’re bringing it back.”

Sebastian Stan in Friends?

Aniston and Stan also talk about many other topics. In the conversation, she also says that her colleague would have fitted well into the cast of her cult series “Friends”. In their opinion, he would have made a good Joey, played by Matt LeBlanc (54). Stan says his friends always saw him as more of a Chandler (Matthew Perry, 52).