Jennifer Lopez was apparently unhappy about being on stage with Shakira at the Super Bowl halftime show. Now the fans are arguing.

Shitstorm for Jennifer Lopez (52): In her Netflix documentary “Halftime”, the singer made it public that she was not exactly happy about the fact that she was on stage with colleague Shakira (45) at the Super Bowl halftime show 2020 . A dispute has now broken out between the fan camps of the two singers on Twitter – J.Lo in particular is not doing well.

Who’s the bigger star?

The basis of the discussion is the question: who is the bigger star, Jennifer Lopez or Shakira? One of the first tweets on the subject reads, “Shakira has never been taller than J.Lo in her career. And I love Shakira.” Shakira’s fans are shooting back: one of her followers points to the singer’s achievements, such as her numerous Latin Grammys, while Lopez “is only known for” being in a relationship with Alex Rodriguez (46), Marc Anthony (53) and To have been Ben Affleck (49). Another tweet said: “The fact that J.Lo is still complaining about having to perform with Shakira (the taller, humbler star) at the halftime show shows she’s just plain jealous.”

A Twitter user defended J.Lo: “This is the best example of how misinformation spreads. She’s never said anything negative about Shakira. She’s not bitter. She’s angry with the Super Bowl sponsors because they Let TWO Latinas do the job that one mediocre guy does on the halftime show and get all the spotlight.”

What is the documentary about?

The documentary, which is available on Netflix under the German title “Jennifer Lopez: Halbzeit” from Tuesday (June 14), is about the past 50 years of the artist’s life and ends with her Super Bowl halftime show with Shakira 2020. Private things also show the documentary, about Lopez’s relationship with her 14-year-old twins Max and Emme.

J.Lo’s statements about the Super Bowl halftime show caused a scandal in advance. Several US media quote the singer: “It’s the worst idea in the world to let two people do the Super Bowl.” J.Lo’s manager Benny Medina (64) is said to have said: “It was an insult to think that it takes two Latinas to do the job that only one artist has done in the past.” The two singers also allegedly argued before their performance.