Star lawyer Jennifer Robinson represented Amber Heard in a British court in 2020. To this day, they mainly threaten supporters of Johnny Depp. In the past few weeks, she has again suffered severe hostilities.

She is considered a brilliant lawyer, has her professional focus on important social issues such as freedom of expression, civil liberties, advising media organizations, journalists and whistleblowers on all aspects of media law, and yet she regularly has to be insulted and threatened. Especially since she took over Amber Heard’s case in 2020.

Two years ago, Johnny Depp and Amber Heard met in a British court. At the time, the actor sued the British newspaper The Sun, which had printed statements by Heard that she had been physically abused in their marriage. Depp lost this case, the lawsuit was dismissed and Depp can therefore continue to be called a “woman-beater” in the UK. Star lawyer Jennifer Robinson was also part of Amber Heard’s legal team at the time.

In an interview with the Daily Mail in 2020, Robinson described the misogynist attacks and death threats she and Amber Heard received during The Sun’s defamation trial. “I thought it was a sad picture of our society that even though Amber was a witness and wasn’t in court herself, we needed security guards,” she recalled. “Some days we had police protection. People were throwing things at our car and swearing at us. We even passed a huge billboard that said ‘Bury the witch’ with Heard’s face on it.”

Amber Heard’s lawyer is insulted and threatened on Instagram

Since Johnny Depp went to court against Amber Heard in the USA and won, the former lawyer, who had not represented Heard in court in 2022, has again experienced a shitstorm from Johnny Depp followers on Instagram. She herself has around 2,500 followers on Instagram, but her most recent picture of a London skyline has almost 150 comments. Often from the Depp Army. The contributions range from anger, threats, insults to suicide calls.

Some of the vicious messages include “Jennifer, tell Amber Heard that me and all my girlfriends love Johnny Depp more than ever” or “Imagine supporting a liar! Get enlightened”. But also worse comments like: “Anyone who supports Amber Heard deserves to rot in prison” or “It’s sad how an educated, lovely woman supports a horrible woman who lies and abuses people,” commented one user . One particularly odious comment suggested that Jennifer Robinson should take her own life. In addition to wild threats, there are also dozens of comments with “

However, Jennifer Robinson is not deterred by the hostility and recently shared the post from Heard’s sister Whitney Henriquez, who once again publicly emphasized her support for the convicted sister.

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