“Let’s Dance” juror Joachim Llambi has vented his anger at the chaotic conditions at airports and at Deutsche Bahn.

Many people are currently experiencing a setback when it comes to their vacation trips. There is still chaos at many airports, as there is often a lack of staff during the current summer travel season. “Let’s Dance” juror Joachim Llambi (57) also apparently had unpleasant experiences and reports on it in an Instagram post.

Joachim Llambi: “No one wants to take responsibility”

“What’s going on in this country? I haven’t known it like this for 57 years. Overcrowded airports, endless mountains of suitcases without owners, delays on almost every flight, the same with Deutsche Bahn!” Writes the 57-year-old to photos on which a crowd and numerous pieces of luggage can be seen. In addition, the TV star gave Frankfurt Airport as the location of the event.

“No one wants to take responsibility and at most there is a letter of apology from some CEO,” Llambi continues. “Very questionable and inexcusable for one of the world’s leading economies. Politicians are required, but apparently powerless and helpless. Buenas noches Alemania,” he ends his angry post.

Many stars show sympathy under the post and report similar experiences. “Let’s Dance” colleague Motsi Mabuse (41) explains that her flight was canceled and she was only reimbursed ten percent of the costs. “It’s unbelievable. It can’t be true,” she comments. Jury colleague Jorge González (54) writes succinctly: “Incredible.” Designer Thomas Rath (55) explains: “So true – we are all appalled.” And moderator Ruth Moschner (46) summarizes: “Everything is very, very sobering.”