Jodie Foster returns to TV. She has a starring role in “True Detective,” her first major role in a series since her breakthrough.

Jodie Foster (59) becomes an investigator in “True Detective”. As “The Hollywood Reporter” reports, the two-time Oscar winner plays one of the leading roles in the fourth season of the crime series.

It is Jodie Foster’s first regular series role since her breakthrough as a film actress. The former child actress rose to stardom in 1976 at the age of 13 with ‘Taxi Driver.’ She has been in front of the camera for commercials and series since she was three years old, from “Bonanza” to “The Addams Family”.

“True Detective” Season 4: Jodie Foster ermittelt in Alaska

In the fourth season of True Detective, Jodie Foster plays Detective Liz Danvers. Together with her colleague Evangeline Navarro she is investigating in Alaska. There, six men have disappeared without a trace from a research station. “They must confront the darkness they carry within and uncover the cursed truths that lie buried beneath the eternal ice,” the HBO announcement said. More details are not yet known, neither a start date nor the cast of Evangeline Navarro.

“True Detective” is known for attracting actors who aren’t actually series actors. In the highly acclaimed first season in 2014, two real Hollywood stars took on the lead roles, Matthew McConaughey (52) and Woody Harrelson (60). In Season 2, which was disappointing for many fans, Colin Farrell (45) and Vince Vaughn (52) took over. The star of the third season was Mahershala Ali (48), like Foster, a two-time Oscar winner.