With her “Breakup Song” Joelina Drews revives the 80s. In the interview she also talks about the topic of the single: fear of commitment.

Joelina Drews (26) is back with new music! Under her stage name JOELINA, the daughter of pop singer Jürgen Drews (77) released her single “Breakup Song” on July 15, in which the topics of love, fear of commitment and on-off relationships play a major role. In an interview with the news agency spot on news, the 26-year-old talks about her own relationship experiences and also reveals how her current partner Adrian is “a great asset” for her.

Her single “Breakup Song” deals with the subject of the fear of commitment. Have you had any experience with it yourself?

Joelina Drews: Yes, I’ve had personal experiences with people who have been affected by attachment anxiety. In the end, that’s what always failed when it came to a deeper connection. Luckily, I grew up in a very healthy home and had a carefree childhood, so I never had this problem myself. Although I’ve been in a situation where I found a man very great, but somehow the “spark” didn’t really jump over. I also let this experience flow into the song.

I think at the end of the day, this situation that I describe in “Breakup Song” is something that probably everyone has experienced in perspective. Nowadays everything has become much faster-moving due to the digital world. You don’t want to commit yourself because you think that maybe someone better is just around the corner. And if a relationship does come about, it usually lasts until the end of the first infatuation and as soon as everyday life returns, it is too boring. Proper relationships like in the days of my grandparents, who have been married for over 60 years, are rare nowadays. I think this is a typical problem of our generation.

Have you ever had an on-off relationship yourself?

Drews: Yes, I did. I also wrote another song about this guy (“Krank”).

The sound of the “Breakup Song” is very reminiscent of the 80s. What excites you about the decade?

Drews: I’m extremely fond of Neue Deutsche Welle and wanted to adapt influences from it to the present day. During this time there were many freedom movements and fashion became more colourful. I wanted to do that in my video as well.

Her boyfriend Adrian is also in the music business. Do you inspire each other?

Drews: Exactly. For me he, his skills and his knowledge of music are a great asset. We inspire each other. When one of us has an idea, the other takes it on and builds on it, not only musically but also in life in general. Because of him, I’ve grown a lot as an artist and as a person, and I think he would say the same thing about me if I asked him. The separation of work and private life is not always that easy because we are both confronted with our jobs 24/7 and then we still work together. But the great thing is that we can always talk about everything and ask the other person for advice and they can also understand it.

You changed your stage name to JOELINA, your real first name. Why?

Drews: JOELINA shows a different side of me as an artist. JOEDY is my rather dark side with urban influences from hip-hop, trap and RnB. JOELINA, on the other hand, is pure pop music with 80s influences. It was important to me not to let these two musical sides go under one artist name, so that people wouldn’t get confused. So the fans who are more into urban music can listen to JOEDY – and the pop music fans can listen to JOELINA.