Aerosmith drummer Joey Kramer has lost his wife Linda. The contract administrator died at the age of 55.

Deep sadness for Joey Kramer (72). On June 22, the wife of the Aerosmith drummer passed away. Linda was 55 years old. What the former contract administrator died of is not known at this time.

As the “People” magazine quotes from an obituary for Linda, she was a woman with “a sinful, mischievous sense of humor”. She loved Hallmark Christmas movies and had “a passion for fast cars.” Linda also always worried about her family, friends and her dogs Lucy and Cosmo.

Linda was the “love of his life”

Kramer and Linda had been married since October 2009. She was the “love of his life”. “Linda loved Joey deeply and his well-being and happiness were her highest priority,” the obituary reads.

Joey Kramer withdrew from his Aerosmith activities back in March. The band was planning a Las Vegas show called “Deuces are Wild”. “He has regrettably made the decision not to attend the 2022 concerts in order to fully focus on his family during these uncertain times,” the band said in a statement to USA Today at the time.