John Cena: He visits refugee boys from Ukraine


    John Cena visited a teenager who fled Ukraine after hearing his touching story.

    John Cena (45) visited a fan who fled the Ukraine and made his dream come true. Wrestling media company WWE shared a video of it on Twitter. The wrestler and actor surprised teenager Misha Rohozhyn, who fled his hometown of Mariupol to the Netherlands with his family. The clip tells the story of the boy with Down syndrome.

    Misha met his hero

    To convince Misha to leave home, his mother explained to him that they were on their way to find John Cena. When the 45-year-old heard from Misha and his mother, he wanted to visit them immediately. So he put his plan into action and traveled to Amsterdam.

    John Cena had a special gift for Misha: the teenager was given a green WWE jersey that read “Never give up,” a matching cap and wrestling belt. For the Hollywood actor, Misha and his mother are a great example of how “perseverance can lead to joy,” Cena explained.

    In another video, Misha and the wrestling star greet his colleague Alexa Bliss (30) at the request of the teenager. “She will definitely see that,” the actor promised, thanking and then saying goodbye to the family.