Johnny Depp looks to the future with the fans. After the trial against Amber Heard, he thanks for the support.

Neither Johnny Depp (58) nor Amber Heard (36) are in really good shape after the much-noticed defamation process, even if the Hollywood star is perceived as the winner in many places. The actor addressed his fans on a newly created TikTok profile – and thanked them.

A clip released by Depp apparently shows him on his way to the courtroom, in front of a typewriter and during a performance as a musician. In the attached lines he addresses his followers directly. “To all my most valued, loyal and steadfast supports: We’ve been everywhere together, we’ve seen everything together.”

“We did the right thing together” – and all because they would have cared for the actor. Now he wants to step into the future together with everyone. As always, they are his employers and all he can do is say thank you. Depp sends “love and respect” to his followers.

He had just started the TikTok account. Within a short time, the star was followed by more than 4.5 million people. Depp also posted the video to Instagram, where it received over 2.6 million likes in just over an hour.

Depp has his life back, Heard speaks of a “setback”

Immediately after reading the verdict, Depp had already reported to Instagram. Among other things, he wrote that the jury in the defamation trial against Heard “gave his life back” to him after six years. “Telling the truth was something I owed to my children and to everyone who has been steadfast in their support for me,” he explained.

Heard also published a statement on Instagram. The verdict was “a setback” for all women. Depp’s ex-wife is “sad” to have lost the process. But she was even sadder that she had apparently lost a right that she believed she had as an American – namely to speak freely and openly.

A jury had largely found Johnny Depp right in a defamation trial against Heard in the United States on June 1. He sued Heard for $50 million over a 2018 Washington Post article. In it, she claimed to be a victim of domestic violence. She had not mentioned him by name, but the jury, after a roughly six-week trial in which both sides had bitterly fought each other, had nevertheless ruled that she was guilty of defamation. She was supposed to pay Depp $15 million, but due to laws in Virginia, where the trial took place, she only has to come up with $10.35 million.

Heard had filed a $100 million counterclaim. The jury found that a former lawyer for Depp slandered the actress, which is why the Hollywood star was fined two million. Amber Heard’s attorney later announced on US TV that her client wanted to appeal and “definitely could not” pay the amount.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard got married in 2015. The two separated again in 2016 and the divorce followed in 2017. Over the past few years, both parties – as well as in the process – have repeatedly accused each other of domestic violence.