Amber Heard is appealing the verdict after losing to Johnny Depp in a Virginia court. Her attorneys have filed a motion to that effect.

After a seven-week trial during which neither Amber Heard nor Johnny Depp held back allegations, the actress is the loser. Not only legally, but above all in terms of the fans’ verdict. Amber Heard can do little against the latter – at least at this point in time – but the “Aquaman” actress still has legal options.

Amber Heard: Verdict to be overturned

On Friday, her lawyers filed a motion arguing that the verdict was unlawful and the process needed to be reopened. Among other things, it is about one of the seven jurors, “Juror 15”. According to court documents, he was supposed to have been born in 1945, but Heard’s lawyers now argued that the juror was significantly younger.

They question whether the citizen has been adequately scrutinized by the court. “It appears that his identity has not been verified,” reads the motion filed by Heard’s defense attorneys.

Appeal still possible

But why this step? Judge Penney Azcarate said Amber Heard could appeal the verdict. But according to American law, she would then be forced to pay the court the $10 million in damages she owes Johnny Depp, according to the verdict. money she doesn’t have.

A request to repeat the process could still prevent this. It remains to be seen whether Heard’s lawyers will be successful in doing so. Azcarate made it clear when the verdict was announced at the end of June that she had no interest in resuming negotiations.

Johnny Depp’s lawyer Ben Chew took note of the other side’s efforts and was not surprised. “What we expected, only longer, not well-founded,” he said.

Source used: “Daily Mail” / “Deadline”