At the age of 96, even a queen has to economize on her strength. Queen Elizabeth II must pay tribute to her jubilee celebrations so far.

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II will not appear on Friday for further celebrations of her 70th throne jubilee because of “illness”. “Given the travel and effort required to attend the thanksgiving service at London’s Saint Paul’s Cathedral, after some hesitation, Her Majesty has decided not to attend,” the palace said on Thursday.

“The Queen was happy about the parade and the air show, but she doesn’t feel quite well,” the statement said. Repeated health problems for the 96-year-old monarch in recent months have raised fears she may not be able to attend the four-day anniversary celebrations. Her second eldest son Andrew also canceled his participation due to a corona infection.

Queen Elizabeth on the throne since 1952

But then she had a big appearance on Thursday at the “Trooping the Color” military parade, where tens of thousands of people cheered her on. Elizabeth II ascended the British throne on February 6, 1952. The nationwide celebrations for the 70th anniversary are only taking place now because of the better weather.

Other highlights include a pop concert with 22,000 guests and stars including British band Queen, Alicia Keys and Diana Ross on Saturday, as well as nationwide alfresco feasts and a London pageant on Sunday.