In London, the fight for the best seats has long since begun: Before the celebrations for the Queen’s jubilee, ardent fans camp out on the side of the road so as not to miss anything.

London is gearing up for very special days: starting Thursday, Queen Elizabeth II’s 70th jubilee will be celebrated for four days. The “Jubilee” puts the city in high tension long before that. Buckingham Palace is buzzing with activity – and it’s not just because of the preparations for the celebrations.

Some Royal fans arrived days before the official start of the “Party of the Decade”. British media reports of scenes that are known at most from rock concerts, iPhone sales launches or earlier “Harry Potter” releases: people are camping on the “Mall” in the heart of London to secure good seats for the anniversary celebrations. The grand boulevard that leads directly to Buckingham Palace will be transformed into a party mile in the next few days.

London: Queen celebrates platinum throne jubilee

One couple told My London they had arrived 70 hours before the Jubilee celebrations started. They want to camp on the side of the road for almost a week so as not to miss anything. On the first day of the celebrations, thousands of soldiers will march across the street in ‘Trooping the Colour’. And of course, the fans hope above all to see the Queen herself – if the health of the 96-year-old Queen allows it.

“The whole mall will be a sea of ​​red, white and blue and will cheer Her Majesty,” says one of those waiting happily. “It’s going to be stunning.” People have come from all over the kingdom to witness the great event, some even from abroad. The anticipation knows no bounds: camping for days in anticipation of the celebration of the platinum throne anniversary is “absolutely worth it,” a fan who came from Canada assured the “Evening Standard”: “The harder it is, the better perhaps the reward is greater.”

Of course, the weather will also be an issue. Everyone is hoping for good conditions, but they don’t want to let the rain and wind spoil their mood. “We’re in the UK after all, so you get British weather,” said a 69-year-old lady who caught a downpour while camping. “The weather will do its thing and we’re just making the best of it.”

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