RTL surprisingly brings judge Barbara Salesch back to TV. Judge Ulrich Wetzel should also have his own program.

Barbara Salesch (72) became known for her court show “Richter Barbara Salesch” and was an integral part of the Sat.1 afternoon program from 1999 to her last show in 2012. Now she is surprisingly bringing RTL back to TV. The station announced this Wednesday (June 8) on “RTL.de”.

Ulrich Wetzel (65), known from the RTL court show “Das Strafgericht” (2002-2008), should also have his own program. “Broadcast and title of both formats have not yet been determined,” it says on Twitter.

Lawyers on TV

Both main actors of the old formats related to fictitious court hearings worked as lawyers before their job on TV. Salesch worked as a judge at the district court of Hamburg before being put on leave to work in television. She has been artistically active since she left TV – all the more surprising is her return to the screen. Ulrich Wetzel was seen in “The Criminal Court” from 2002 to 2008 and, according to RTL, was the director of the district court in Seligenstatt.

With “Richter Barbara Salesch”, “Richter Alexander Hold”, “Das Strafgericht” or “Das Familiengericht”, court programs enjoyed great popularity as a genre in their own right, especially in the 2000s. After that, the interest of the viewers and with it the number of court shows decreased significantly.