“He’s an imposter”: The district court in Traunstein has sentenced a false vaccinator to three years and ten months in prison.

The district court in Traunstein sentenced a false vaccination doctor to three years and ten months in prison on Thursday. “He’s an impostor,” said the presiding judge, who was harsh with him in the reasoning. His life was shaped by “deceiving and manipulating”. He was convicted of, among other things, commercial fraud, misuse of title, 305 counts of dangerous bodily harm and 1,144 counts of intentional bodily harm.

“Thank God you didn’t become a priest”

The public prosecutor had asked for five years in prison, the defense a suspended sentence. The theologian had administered vaccinations against the corona virus in vaccination centers in Upper Bavaria and monitored vaccinations, among other things.

At the start of the trial in February, the accused had largely admitted the allegations made by the prosecution. It was correct that he used a false doctorate, forged a license to practice medicine and thus wrongly administered a vaccine, he said through his lawyers. In his last word he had said: “My character values ​​are the basis of my actions and actions.”

The presiding judge was very clear in her verdict, calling the theologian “inhuman, inconsiderate, irresponsible, lacking in empathy” and added: “Thank God you didn’t become a priest.”