While the mobilization of the “yellow vests” continues throughout the country this Saturday, the celebrities continue to show their support for the citizen movement. After Michel Polnareff, Brigitte Bardot, Kaaris and Franck Dubosc, it is the turn of Jul and Jean-Marie Bigard, to show their sympathy to these motorists are angry against the government and the rise in fuel prices.

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The rapper from marseille, that we often see appear on a motorcycle and car in his music videos, has publicly declared his sympathy to the citizens ‘ movement on the social networks. “Great dedication to the yellow vests”, he launched into a video relayed on the application Periscope. “On the grand-father, they reason,” added the rapper, whose upcoming album, The area in person , will be available next Friday.

“An official statement: I support the yellow vests with all my heart”, said Jean-Marie Bigard in a video sequence relayed on Twitter. In a style of his own, the comedian said to support “loud and clear in the yellow vests peaceful” only, sending a particular message to the troublemakers. “I enc*** smashers that have nothing to do, of course,” he said.

This Saturday, the protests continue in the country. Many of the incidents took place in Paris, including the Champs-Élysées where the “rioters” were present in mass. In total, 129 people were arrested.