Julianne Moore enjoys an intimate relationship with her daughter Liv. The pandemic has brought the two even closer together, she says.

Julianne Moore (61) was also able to gain something positive from the corona-related lockdown. The actress had been retreating to the Hamptons on the US East Coast with her family during the pandemic. This allowed her to spend much more time with her daughter Liv (20) – a “gift” for the actress.

“It was really great that I was able to spend so much time with Liv,” she tells “Bild am Sonntag” in an interview. It was Liv’s last year before starting her studies. When school was only homeschooling, it was a “bad” time for her daughter. She wasn’t able to celebrate her graduation with friends either. Still, Moore sees the time with her daughter as a gift. “That didn’t necessarily make saying goodbye any easier. But the pandemic gave us more time to get used to the fact,” explains the actress.

Son Caleb ‘disappointed’ her

Her son Caleb (24), who now lives alone, only stopped by his parents at the end of the lockdown. “I was very disappointed with that,” Moore explains. She “enjoyed the time with her daughter all the more”. The father of her two children is the film director Bart Freundlich (52), to whom Moore has been married since 2003.