Pop star Karsten Walter and his fiancé Marina Marx dream of a “very private” wedding, as he reveals in an interview.

Karsten Walter (29) and his fiancé Marina Marx (31) made their love official at the end of February 2021 – on Florian Silbereisen’s show (40) “Schlagerchampions”. They have been a couple since October 2020 and are now engaged. A wedding on television is obviously out of the question for the two, as Walter says in an interview with spot on news. “Marina and I want to share this moment privately with family and friends,” explains the former Feuerherz singer.

In the podcast “But please with Schlager”, the 29-year-old revealed that he wanted to be married and father by his 30th birthday. Has he come closer to this goal? “I still have a year left,” says the hit star in an interview with spot on news. “Nothing will happen before 30, I always say. Let’s see what the future brings.”

Karsten Walter and Marina Marx want to move in together – it should be this city

The next step is obviously a shared apartment. The couple is currently in a long-distance relationship between Berlin and Ulm. “It will probably be Hamburg,” explains Walter. The city is “Marina’s adopted home”. In addition, part of his own family now lives there.

Since Walter and Marx have been a couple, they have had to take criticism on social media in addition to positive comments. “The last two years have left their mark on us,” says the 29-year-old. “When suddenly everyone out there has an opinion about us, it’s quite difficult to deal with it because it’s completely new,” says Walter. In the meantime, however, the two have “got used to it” and see the criticism “very relaxed”. “We just let our song play when there’s punk on the net again,” says the singer. What is meant by this is the title “Let the others talk”, which can be heard on his new album “Come closer”.

The title of the long player is partly due to the corona pandemic. “I think we all long for real human closeness again. The isolation during the Corona period was a new and certainly very stressful time for all of us. At first I found it very pleasant to deal more with myself and have really enjoyed being alone at the beginning.” At some point he “completely missed being close to my fans and I’m incredibly happy to be able to perform again this summer and see my fans”.

Hot music video with Marina Marx

Love plays a big role on the album. In the music video for “Let the others talk” things get hot between Marx and Walter. “I could only have filmed such scenes with Marina,” admits the singer. “It felt natural to us. We’re professionals and we’re both very focused and focused at work.”

When it comes to love, his parents are role models for the 29-year-old. “Definitely. My parents have been a couple since they were both 18. Incredibly beautiful, especially nowadays. Love can last a very long time,” says Walter. As a happy married couple, the two even have an appearance in the music video for the song “Show me what love is”.

Fireheart’s comeback? “Not at the moment”

Walter has big plans for his further solo career: “I would love to go on a tour of Germany with dancers and a band. I love big, spectacular live shows – that’s what I live for. I dream of a bit of Las Vegas in Germany.”

From 2014 to 2020 he was part of the Schlager boy group Feuerherz. A reunion of the four singers seems to be out of the question: Walter “cannot” imagine a comeback at the moment. “But who knows what will happen in the future,” he says. “I don’t think we would get along musically anymore because of very different tastes. The boys have all said goodbye to hits.”

Karsten Walter wants to play in “Tatort”.

Karsten Walter also wants to pursue his career away from music. At the beginning of the year he appeared in the “GZSZ” spin-off “Leon – Don’t believe everything you see”. The singer “definitely” wants to build a second mainstay alongside music with acting.

What roles does he have in mind? “I’m super open about it,” he replies. “A kind of musical adaptation with singing and dancing would of course be super exciting. But I would also love to play in ‘Tatort’.”