Katharina Thalbach becomes Angela Merkel again. For the RTL film “Miss Merkel” she once again slipped into the role of the ex-Chancellor

It’s twisted: As the broadcaster RTL announced, the novel adaptation of the bestseller “Miss Merkel – Murder in the Uckermark” by David Safiers is in the can. In addition to Katharina Thalbach (68), who once again slipped into the role of former Chancellor Angela Merkel (67), Tim Kalkof (34), Thomas Heinze (58) and Thorsten Merten (58) also stood in front of the camera. The latter embodies Merkel’s husband, the quantum chemist Joachim Sauer (73).

According to the broadcaster, the crime comedy “Miss Merkel” was directed by Christoph Schnee (50). Filming took place in Potsdam and near Berlin. However, there is no official broadcast date yet.

That’s what “Miss Merkel” is about

After 16 years as chancellor, Angela Merkel has finally retired with her husband and bodyguard Mike (Kalkhof) in Klein- Freudenstadt in the Uckermark. At least, that’s what she’s planning to do. Finally switch off! But nothing will come of it for now. The resident lord of the castle, Philipp von Baugenwitz (Heinze), died under mysterious circumstances after a party to which Merkel, her husband and bodyguards were invited as guests of honor. It quickly becomes clear to Angela: It was murder!

Katharina Thalbach has played the chancellor before

Thalbach has played the former CDU chancellor before. In the Sat.1 Guttenberg satire “Der Minister” from 2013, the East Berliner also played Merkel, albeit with a slightly different name. As Angela Murkel, she accompanied the plagiarism affair of a certain Franz Ferdinand von und zu Donnersberg (Kai Schumann, 45), which unintentionally drew parallels to the case of the former CSU Defense Minister Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg (50).